The breath and sleep radar module employs millimeter-wave radar technology to detect chest displacement and calculate respiratory rate, heartbeat frequency, movement amplitude, and abnormal activities. It can also output sleep analysis reports based on continuous sensing. This device needs to be installed on wall or ceiling. The function of this device will not be affected by temperature, humidity, noise airflow, dust and light.

Respiratory Rate

Measure and record the respiratory rate.

Heart Rate

Measure and record the heartbeat value

Sleep Analysis

It records  sleeping status, analyze sleeping quality, and record sleeping time of the user.

System block diagram

Signal processing chain of the vital signs detection

Radar transmitted and received chirp sequences

The block diagram shows the chronological order of the signal processing chain used for cardio-respiratory rate detection. After sampling the beat signal with fb,max , the range FFT is applied over the samples of each chirp and the result is a vector, which is called complex range profile. By collecting consecutive complex range profiles from multiple chirps and putting them into a matrix in a row- wise manner, the range-slow time matrix is constructed with M rows (i.e. M chirps). The diagram shows a 100 ADC samples per chirp and the chirp duration is 50ms based on the IF sampling rate of 2 MHz. Each frame is configured to have 2 chirps. However only the 1st Chirp in the frame is used for processing.  Vital signs waveform is sampled along the “slow time axis” sampling rate is equal to the Frame-rate of system.

The backend system shows the detected breathing rate and heart rate per minute, chest displacement, frame rate (for reference only) and moving range profile of target respectively. The historical data can be stored for future reference. Alarm can be sent when either breathing rate or heart rate below or over pre-defined limits.

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